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Oh my, it’s Aries mating season and preparation for a big new career cycle this month – gosh it’s all on right now!

So let’s start with love: lucky Jupiter has recently completed a tour of your partnership sector, where you have embraced a more trusting, open-minded, unconditional approach to serious commitment, yes? And now Jupiter gets down to business in your actual sex/emotional intimacy sector; and with Venus on board from the 8th romantic love is totally in the air… Especially around any spooky new feelings coming up around the Full Moon of the 4th, and any spooky connections revealing themselves around the New Moon of the 18th.

Some aspect of your romantic dynamic that has previously felt like scary vulnerability is about to feel so much more approachable! Maybe it’s a new confidence to discuss long term plans with your partner- to energise your future together and also allow enough emotional oxygen between you, to trust that you can fully do your thing even as you draw steadily closer?

Or if single you are way more adventurous about who you allow yourself to be attracted to- the better to allow someone refreshingly different/out of the box to come sweep you into a wild (in the best way) new emotional adventure? Or maybe it’s loving the freedom of your single life so much that you embrace the fab new life-affirming opportunities coming up, sans wasting time angsting over unknown romantic shizz you can’t control –this is also so liberating!

Ok and career: Taskmaster Saturn is preparing to hit your biz sector from December, with 2 1/2 years ahead to consolidate whatever career aspirations you’ve been working on for the last several years. There’s a sense of pulling together long-term plans and damn well making them happen no matter what! Yes you can and might as well start getting your head around this concept, sooner rather than later, huh?

Image: Matthew Guido

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