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Image: Davis Ayer

The luckiest planet is on the move -into Scorpio from October 11th so we best look sharp and get ready for a new wave of energy to wake us up for the next 12 months...

And it might be easiest to list the qualities we are dealing with here:

Jupiter is our capacity for optimism, generosity, embracing expansive possibilities, adventure, long distance travel, meaningful rebellion, outlaw moxy, seriously unapologetic personal freedom, philosophical insight, abundance and -possibly-big wealth opportunities and basically saying a big YES to life!

And Scorpio is our capacity for more intense (ok maybe obsessive) emotional experience, aligning with our gut instincts, digging deeper to face and overcome our demons, digging deeper to come to terms with our fierce personal empowerment, lucrative financial/biz savvy-scorpio loves a bit of coin, sexy self assurance/personal transformation and well, just sex -libido, desire, passionate entanglement etc are all a big deal with Scorp.

So when these two energies get together the vibe is genuinely promising, courageous, take-no-shizz, determinedly successful, seriously lucrative, spunky lust for life, libidinous and-let's face it- hot!

Image: via JUXTAPOZ

And did I mention take no shizz? To the extent that we're into passionate living now, we can happily say a cheerful fuq-you to whatever tedious obligations are holding us back right now and keeping on walking... as long as we keep it positive, spunky and fearlessly life-affirming better things are on their way for sure!

Ok, so it must be said that the shadow of this astro is greedy, uncontrollable appetites/excess/sex drugs & rock n roll destructo shiz and reckless emotional risk-taking-and it can get ugly here if we indulge it, so we do watch this huh?

But if we keep it sweet and high-end; it's giddy-up to a new burst of raw, adventurous momentum revealing itself this week and for a whole year of exciting new possibilities -happy Jupiter in Scorpio x

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