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Lucky Jupiter switching from your work sector into your partnership sector from the 11th may have you firmly pulling your attention out of any biz concerns you’ve been recently distracted with and inspired by fresh new thoughts of love!

Yes, you’ve got a whole year coming up of positive, expansive romantic mojo to turn you on –you’re more likely to reach out with open-hearted enthusiasm and more likely to receive the same in return from someone special. It’s a lovely Taurus mating season to the extent you’re up for big love with endless, unconditional possibilities and not so much about fixed expectations/forced outcomes for the moment.

Because the Venus/Mars hook up of the 6th is in your romance sector and so delightfully playful, flirty and sweet –early October is great for sexy date nights with your lover for renewed, easy connection/reaching out to your crush with some inviting repartee/or more likely to bump into some unexpected, sparky attraction whilst out and about having fun…

And romance aside; this is fabulous astro for inspiring arty/creative collaborations, if that’s your thing. Or, especially with your work sector graced by Venus from the 15th then the New Moon of the 20th you’re ready to rock some shameless self -promotion about whatever your brilliant talent is –and feel the love in terms of attracting lots of supportive admiration from your professional network. It’s all about inspired vocational self-expression and easy confidence in your skills, as opposed to dreary hard slog –so good!

Oh yes, it’s your time to shine with your best, beautiful confidence and say a big YES to life this month, how lovely is that?

Image: Sui He. By Danielle Duella x Iango Henzi. From i-D, 2012

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