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You are inching closer and closer, every day, to the conclusion of your hard-yakka Saturn transit of the last 2 years- by December you will be ready to reap the rewards of all this gruelling personal growth and step forward into the world with all that well-deserved personal empowerment/lucrative professional respect and biz opportunities/strength of character you’ve been working toward all this time. Oh yes!

And your lucky ruling planet, Jupiter into your soul sector from October 11th is a nice reminder to keep the faith. You are about to feel a new rush of spiritual well-being and visionary confidence in your most cherished dreams –honest! So patience, little warrior, keep persevering you’re nearly there…

Meanwhile the Venus/Mars hook-up of early October is epic for you in the following ways:

  1. Biz. This is primo time to cultivate professional partnerships/agreements/contracts etc that could work out so well for harmonious/win-win/lucrative success in the long term. It’s all about savvy schmoozing and clear communication to keep it sweet, yes?

  2. If you’re in love/partnered, maybe time that you’re both that much more confident about it to commit to some big new life plans together –or even just publicly acknowledge the extent of your mutual devotion?

  3. If you’re single and on the prowl –I’ve got to tell you that it’s on the job/amongst your professional network that you’re so much more likely to synchronistically meet your next big romantic/flirtation opportunity this month! Maybe time for a spunky new work wardrobe/attitude and, you know, look sharp?

And the Full Moon of the 6th in your talent sector is all about confident, shameless self-promotion-the better to strut around knowing you have fully earned the acclaim/recognition/inspiring support network around you that comes with the New Moon of the 20th…. Well done you.

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