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Well to the extent that lucky Jupiter in your sex/intimacy sector has made you so much more receptive to a nice, openhearted flow in your love life this last year? Jupiter’s last weeks here till the 11th is an opportunity to seize these lessons in confident loving –just in time for the fabulous Venus/Mars romance action in your partnership sector of early October.

This is a potent opportunity to get your head around the Pisces love life as follows:

If you’re partnered you ideally re-discover the original source of your connection with a renewed meeting of minds- it’s all about clear, inspired communication! Perhaps make the time to check in with one another between the daily grind/whatever and remind one another how special you both are for a bit of fresh pair bonding to keep things on track?

If single/on the prowl you are so much more likely to attract someone you just ‘click with’ this month –yes it’s Pisces mating season and your magnetic pheromones are ON! And what with clever Mercury in your sex sector do take the time to optimise any promising flirtation with your best playful repartee/intelligent seduction techniques huh? Its not just about hooking up-it’s about enchanting one another’s minds!

And then you have the Full Moon in your income sector of the 6th –with some fab gut instincts about how to hustle the next stage of doing something you actually enjoy for a living. Because by the New Moon of the 20th you are not only embroiled in some amazingly promising, sexy dialogue with a (potential) lover – see above – but also an equally promising financial/biz negotiation revealing itself and you want to be ready for that with your best, savvy abundance consciousness yes? Get ready, win-win outcomes are coming at you this month for sure…

Image: Jerry Hall by Norman Parkinson

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