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So Jupiter completing a 12 month tour of your biz sector from the 11th is a chance to reflect on just how much more expansive, and positive your career schemes have become lately. You’ve opened up a whole new sense of your own broader vocational potential in the world and the renewed, visionary personal confidence that comes with that which is so liberating!

So fast forward to the New Moon of the 20th, where you get to pull this together with a specific plan for your next professional move. Yes you are even more savvy than usual this month, so best stay focused and harness this whilst you can huh?

But meanwhile the Full Moon of the 6th is all over your home sector; with some Pluto powered insights into your true feelings re home, family & your personal well-being generally. The more you remain congruent about this and cultivate the most authentic dynamic you can on home turf-the more comfortable you will be in your own skin for a start, which is nice. And also the better to get the work/life balance right in late October when you are making big decisions about your overall direction… a fresh new Capricorn approach to everything could be closer than you think!

Which is great because you are actually getting ready for your ruling planet, Saturn into your sign from December which is going to be epic for a solid, powerful life re-structure and you want to be coherent and ready for that one…

And love? The Venus/Mars hook up in your adventure sector just on that emo Full Moon of the 6th means that you are chasing nothing less than your wildest romantic dreams this month. Or put another way, love is not so much something to pin down/overanalyse/force one way or another as an adventure to be savoured!

Give yourself and your lover plenty of emotional space and oxygen to explore your connection unencumbered by expectation, for maximum thrills and potential? Or if single you’re more likely to attract someone wildly un-pindownable -but so thrilling! And either way travel, for right time/right place kismet or brewing travel plans with someone special is a big turn-on this month.

Image: Edward Olive

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