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How good is lucky Jupiter into your biz sector from October 11th? A whole year of an expansive new sense of your own broader vocational potential in the world coming up and the renewed, visionary personal confidence that springs from that –how fabulous!

So plenty of brazenly ambitious moxy to draw on this month, and plenty of time to figure out the details –but yes I would be paying attention to any inspired, visionary new vocational goals that present themselves to you right now, they could be so damn promising with time…

And the Full Moon of the 6th could be a nice connection with your best gut instincts here; and a reminder that you’re already more onto it than you think. Because by the New Moon of the 20th you are prone to those ‘light bulb’ moments of pure, incandescent visionary genius about your life path and you want to be ready to trust this huh? Yes certain new insights could threaten to disrupt the status quo, but this is a good thing! A fresh perspective clears the way to make more coherent plans on your own terms-and never mind any stuffy old attachments and expectations that have been limiting your potential –know what I mean?

Meanwhile the Venus/Mars hook up of early October in your sex/intimacy sector is hot -but also a primarily emotionally intelligent chemistry that is drawing you closer to big love action, and all about intelligent communication to keep it moving. If partnered you remember the beautiful meeting of minds that brought you together in the first place and cultivate that, to turn each other on anew in the bedroom. Or if single some clever, playful flirty repartee could turn up and morph real fast into passionate seduction… oh yes.

And romance aside; this is a brilliant opportunity to finesse whatever financial negotiations are on your radar right now. It’s all about win-win solutions and mutually beneficial abundance -again clear, co-operative communication is the bomb here.

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