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Well the Full Moon of the 6th in your talent sector is amazing –if you can get your head around broadcasting that genius of yours out into the world! Yes to shameless self-promotion, networking the hell out of any social/professional opportunities to get ahead and a more inspired, confident version of creative self-expression on your part.

I mean I know you like to fly under the radar and prefer stealth progress/secretive strategies to get ahead/an enigmatic public profile… and yes that’s fine. Especially as subtle Neptune does favour quietly incubating your creative process and tuning into your very own muse for maximum inspiration in early September.

But this month also features Mars energising your social networking sector big time and Mercury opening up some brilliant new dialogues in the world to get you moving (especially around the New Mon of the 20th). Not to mention Venus in your biz sector where any professional charm/schmoozing/glamour/polishing your ‘brand’/getting out there and strutting your confident stuff in the world could be so rewarding right now! In other words if you’ve got it, flaunt it and don’t be scared to seize your optimum life path/vocational momentum (thank you the Destiny Point in your career sector) this month, huh?

Meanwhile love? Well if you’re on the prowl, you might note that Venus chasing Mars through your social sector means that a little confident flirting goes a long way right now, and you could well be looking at actioning some spectacular chemistry with someone by early October –and this is not one of those things that comes knocking at your door when you’re all enigmatic/withdrawn-you’ve got to be out and about and get amongst it for best results here! And if you’re seeking to further an existing relationship/affair same goes-maybe take yourselves out for some date nights on the town or get involved with one another’s biz/social lives to spark up the connection?

Image: via bunnyjennyphotos (unable to find original source of this pic)

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