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The Pisces Full Moon of the 6th is a Neptune inspired emotional trip, and a fabulous opportunity to start the month with some real, vulnerable authenticity. Whatever feelings you have been dealing with recently are rising up with almost oceanic intensity and there’s no ducking the realizations –so if you’re tempted to avoid the intensity with escapist distractions/delusional flights of fancy/recreational intoxication? No no no, much better to tune into the powerful insights for a more authentic, tuned-in approach to the rest of the month.

I mean you are so exquisitely sensitive right now, with a highly tuned antennae to the subtle energies going on around you, so why not take the opportunity to sync into your creative/interpersonal/spiritual zeitgeist and flow with it huh?

Because the New Moon of the 20th in your love sector is a beautiful, fresh new perspective on any romantic/partnership potential coming up; and with Mars on board to yes you are more likely to attract some hot-blooded interest from whoever’s on your radar and with the sexy confidence to chase them up right back. So yes, it’s Pisces mating/seduction season for sure.

And given that it involves Chiron, the wounded healer in your sign any constructive insight/self awareness you have embraced about your own emotional congruence and well being is only going to help to maximise the quality of genuine, sincere personal connection here…

Meanwhile Saturn/Lilith in your biz sector are grinding away to ensure that your career mojo is fierce, uncompromising determination to score as much professional autonomy as possible. And if this means taking responsibility for being that much mores self-reliant, well lucky you have the resilient, focused work ethic to make it happen! Oh yes you can.

Image: Silver Sparkle by tammilynn.cullen

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