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You really can’t go past the Venus/Destiny Point meeting in your sign mid month, for a key theme during September:

The Destiny Point (aka the North Node) in Leo since May is a powerful sense of your future potential/personal calling rising up within you; you’re getting a serious handle on long term, visionary plans with the kind of brazen confidence you love! And active till late next year, so plenty of time to explore the potential of this…

And with Venus magnifying your innate spunk right now, you love the extra confidence to believe in your own talent and creative prowess and the shameless self-promotion that comes from damn well knowing you’re good at what you do! And also flaunting that glam style of yours –you’re looking good and you know it so why not shake it/spread that golden charisma of yours around- it’s your season to really shine!

So when these two meet around the 15th you really grasp the opportunity to make some empowered, visionary choices about your future (if not now, when?) as follows:

Mars in your income sector from now until late October is a big push to hustle, chase and insist upon a chance to be paid well for what you do! You figure that so long as you’re putting the hard yakka (Mars) and coming from a place of solid talent/accomplishment (thank you Saturn/Lilith in your creative/self-expression/promotion sector) why not be able to make a decent living out of it, the better to get even better at it? Yep, sounds about right; Mercury on board in early Sept helps to schmooze/pitch any relevant financial negotiations with perfect, polished finesse –especially around the Full Moon of the 6th and New Moon of the 20th.

And Then Venus on the Destiny Point is brilliant for believing in any romantic momentum flowing right now. You are statistically more likely to meet a karmically relevant lover/partner/soulmate or connect more powerfully with a current one mid month –so keep your big heart open and love radar on for optimum effect!

Image: Decker Kutic

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