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Your ruler, Mercury, buzzing backwards and forwards in your ideas sector has been a mixed blessing lately. I mean on one hand it’s been a bit of a head-fuq trying to keep up with the mixed messages of communication around you/your own fluxy attitudes recently…

But what a great opportunity to re-evaluate, refine and evolve your thought process-and you love the mental gymnastics of playing with that brilliant intellect/sparkly wit of yours! Some fab new ideas are rising up, and by the time Venus joins the Destiny Point mid month you could have a beautiful new creative process/promising dialogue on the go… so good and so worth focusing upon right now.

Meanwhile Mars into your domestic sector from the 3rd and the Full Moon in your biz sector on the 6th brings the work/life balance into sharp focus! I mean what with the Full Moon, early September is so inspiring for bringing any visionary schemes to the table, with such genius biz instincts. Neptune lends you supernatural professional charisma and a subtle, almost psychic ability to detect any trends going on in your career scenario and really align with them, yes?

But you also have Mars insisting that you have plenty of energy left over to get the home base right. You want a personal/family/domestic foundation that really turns you on, in the sense that you’re able to express yourself freely and with honest, straight-up interpersonal dynamics; and from which to bounce off and go forth to conquer that fab public life of yours.

Meanwhile Venus/the Destiny Point meeting in your communication sector mid-month is great for finessing any important negotiations/conversations on your radar, for optimal long term potential. And yes this includes romance! Flirt much?? That famous sparkly, enigmatic charisma of yours is going to serve you so well, if you’re into luring someone special into your love orbit with a bit of fascinating, witty, magnetic repartee… oh yes…

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