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The Full Moon of the 6th is tempting potential for the craziest financial ineptitude -impulse/emo spending, indulging hare brained schemes much? And this would be a waste because actually, there could be some primo inspired intuition about your capacity to fund doing whatever you love/believe in right now, if you remain savvy, focused and on point.

And I tell you what, if you play your cards right re high-end income generation schemes in early September; by the New Moon of the 2oth you are looking at such promising biz opportunities! And with the confidence of Mars in your financial negotiations sector, it’s so worth it to stay sane about what matters to you right now and sharp about how you’re going to make it happen, yes?

Meanwhile, Mars in your sex sector is also hot! 2 months of audacious flirting, ardent seduction and passionate chemistry coming up –whether you’re successfully on the prowl, someone spunky comes and sweeps you off your feet or you explore a deeper intimacy within your existing love affair/relationship.

So how lovely that you also have lovey Venus in your love sector all month, with Mercury on board to finesse the romantic dialogue and enjoy genuinely fulfilling communication and mutual understanding with whoever you’re connecting with. Not to mention when Venus joins the Destiny Point mid month, for a clearer view of any long-term potential –or even magical soul-mate kismet- currently brewing on your love radar. Ooh la-la!

Your social life is also energised by the drive for authenticity that is Saturn/Lilith in your friendship sector. You have firm boundaries about who you allow close (or not) -but those you do let in are staunch, fabulous loyal buddies; for a more solid tribe around you for sure.

Image: Grace Guozhi by Marc De Groot for Vogue Netherlands

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