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Your ruler, Mercury, retrograde in your sign and opposite slippery Neptune in your partnership sector from the 14th? Watch out, mid month could be a tricksy hotbed of bonkers communication and relational dynamics to do your clever, pretty little head in! Surreal misunderstandings, conversations veering off in strange directions, random changes of plan to keep you on your toes etc could mess with your groove a bit. But this could also be a great opportunity to ditch any control-freaky micro management (you can’t) and tune into a more intuitive, flowing, adaptable way of doing things.

And yes this includes love. It feels like you’re either reading your lover’s mind/on the scene flirting with genius subtlety/soul-mate sensitivity or getting it so crazy, convoluted messed up or pulling back with a bit of zen inscrutability and giving the romantic cues time to reveal themselves? It requires such fine, nuanced instincts to get this right- lucky you’re so good at intelligent dialogue!

Perhaps when things don’t go quite as expected you switch tactics with that nimble alacrity you do so well and find an even better, more innovative version to move ahead or temporarily sidewards/backwards and renegotiate certain agreements for the moment? The wisdom of this could reveal itself when Mercury gets back on track from Sept 5th –20th, so perhaps instinctively thinking a few steps ahead is the go right now?

Meanwhile the lucky Jupiter/lucrative Pluto in your cash and creative sectors all month is beyond brilliant for monetising your most powerful, innate talent! Identify what your best at, dig as deep as you need to get even better at it and then go work it in the world with your best, savvy commercial instincts why don’t you. The astro is here to support you –especially some cool clues about existing day job opportunities around the Full Moon Eclipse of the 8th and then Mars on board from early September to fire up your shameless self promotion moxy; so might as well get onto it huh?

Then the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd is in your shamanic soul sector; time for some inner reflection/meditation to keep it real and personally authentic in late August…

Image; Christy Turlington

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