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It’s all about Lilith approaching Saturn in your sign right now, exact Aug 21 -29 but active all month –and this has been building for a while so you’re ready to fully embrace it by now…

Lilith is that bitching, rebellious impatience with bourgeois expectations and prescriptive authoritarian shizz -which is your natural state, to be honest and only aggravated since Lilith hit your sign from last February. Your immediate reaction to anyone telling you what to do is basically fuq you; and you’re loving the sovereign empowerment/wildling thrills that claiming this basic attitude has been giving you all year. But of course, as Bob Dylan said “to live outside the law you must be honest, I know you always say that you agree” … in other words if you’re going to reject societal/relationship norms you better be in the full integrity of whatever you are doing right now. You back thyself, do it well and own the consequences of your own, autonomous unique chosen path.

Because Saturn in your sign since Dec 2014 is the fierce personal discipline, character-building grace under pressure and putting in the hard yards to build your own empire own your own, hard-earned terms. And also cultivating a healthy/genuinely empowered relationship with whatever authority figures/biz realities/societal expectations are still on your case out of brute necessity. Oh yes, it’s been challenging for a little wilding like yourself!

So when these two meet this month you’ll see just how far you’ve come re this. You might be surprised how close you are to a breakthrough here; you get to live free/claim success because you’ve earned the right, and respect amongst your peers to do so –and yes you have earned it! Well done you…

The Full Moon of the 8th fires up any visionary ideas of where you want to take this, and then the New Moon of the 22nd clarifies some cool new strategies about the exact biz/life plan to get you moving for sure…

Meanwhile love? Venus in your intimacy sector is a deeper, more passionate romantic vibe and mid-month unlocks the full, soulmatey potential of addressing any brooding sexual tensions on your radar right now. It’s intense/challenging/worth it and hot!

Image: I-D Magazine Sept 2008 - Aline Weber by Richard Bush

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