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The month begins with your ruling planet, Venus into your fame/biz sector so it could be a time to strut your stuff in the world! Professional glamour, dressing to impress, flirting-I mean charming up a storm for optimum attention and of course, most importantly flaunting your most brilliant, innate talent in the world is the way to get ahead this month for sure…

Especially with the Full Moon Eclipse of the 8th in your talent/self expression sector. This is an extraordinary opportunity to get in touch with whatever you’re innately good at, especially if it’s something you’ve been putting the hard yards in/banging away at for ages- and pulling it together/backing yourself enough to summon up the raw confidence to go put yourself out in the world. Shameless self-promotion? Oh yes, with the Destiny Point on board in your social sector the more you get out on the scene and amongst it the more brilliant opportunities for long term advancement present themselves -especially by the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd. So why not go do the social butterfly flutter huh?

Meanwhile, Jupiter has you itching kind of restless for a bit of personal expansion, and triggering transformative Pluto in your domestic sector all month. So if there’s any power trips/dissatisfaction/shakeup on the home/family front –or even a significant re-location you might be considering? Might be time to address the underling issues here, and the potential of some new version of the home base to unlock your personal freedom –yes this could work.

Meanwhile love? With Uranus hovering on the edge of leaving your partnership sector-and gone by early 2018 you may be seeing the glimpses of your romantic travails/upheavals of the last several years finally coming to an end… and the healer Chiron hovering on the cusp of your partnership sector is a more gentle, nurturing, problem solving vibe coming up over the next several months - Yes the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than you think, believe it!

Meanwhile mid-month is basically flirting up a storm in the world if single-and yep who could ignore that gorgeous charisma of yours? Or you’re in love and negotiating a more sexy, fulfilling, domestic (shacked up?) version of this thing….

Image: Brigitte Bardot en oh my dior

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