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Mars, your ruling planet in your play/creative sector all month and activated by Eclipse season is such a turn on for you right now, on so many levels:

Firstly it’s fun! It’s time to remember the value of play, for no other reason than it’s good for the soul. Time to toss the ball with the kids/laughter and good times with your tribe/create or get arty for the pure joy of self-expression/take some time out for easy, replenishing recreation.

And also time to back your own talent. Whatever you’re good at, you work it that much harder this month; for some energising creative confidence and getting to the point where you believe in your product/brand/unique skill enough to get out there and shamelessly self promote it. Because with the Destiny Point on board there could be some fully promising opportunities to succeed, long term, coming at you soon if only you’re brazen enough to seize them! But what am I saying, you’re an Aries for goodness sake, of course you’re going to seize every chance to get ahead this month right? Right??

And seduction. Your sexual/romantic confidence is peaking and lucky Jupiter in your love sector says you’re more likely to attract, and choose a positive/promising/expansive connection to focus upon right now than anything too tricky, so that’s great. If partnered you make the effort, relish good times together and get busy hatching exciting, inspiring new plans to keep the chemistry on track. And if single you get out and shake it up at some parties/flirt it up in the world/spark up sexy eye contact whilst sharing arty, creative inspiration with some like-minded cutie. You’re even more confident than ever about chasing up exciting attractions right now –and for a hot-blooded lover like you that’s saying something!

Meanwhile, Jupiter/Pluto are all about fabulous biz relationships too, so regardless of love you are so onto profitable, transformative professional connections right now-stay savvy about any negotiations re this, huh?

Whatever you’re into, the Full Moon partial Eclipse of the 8th and the New Moon Eclipse of the 22nd are your best, high Qi times to seize the ides of August. Go live large, enjoy and make it happen this month huh?

Image: Thierry Mugler

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