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MARS powered LEO NEW MOON-THIS should get us MOVING!

Leo New Moon coming up, 7.46pm July 23rd, AEST. It's Leo season for sure, and a blazing good time coming up if we're ready!

New Moons are always a rising up of fresh emotional clarity and in Leo we get in touch with our warmest, most authentic, courageous and passionate feelings... it's a delicious time to really feel a beautiful connection with ourselves and one another...

Image: the wonderful Gregory Colbert

And with Mars exactly on top of this Moon to fire it up; there's pretty much no stopping us now:

Mars in Leo for the next 6 weeks (more here on this) is a nice blast of life affirming authentic self expression, hot-blooded living and we do it with nothing less than brazen, magnificent spunk and fearless self assurance, for a good time and maximum personal progress... and this New Moon is a brilliant clue about the best opportunities to get this thing on.

And any promising new developments this week will come even more into fruition with yet another Leo New Moon-and a Solar Eclipse no less and also conjuct Mars by August 22nd. Wow we've got a whole month ahead to get our most magnificent moxy happening -and keep getting even better at it. Tuning into our most potent raw talent, spectacular self expression, shameless self promotion, strutting our stuff with maximum spunk, hot blooded seductions, passionate love affairs, true romance... how can we not embrace the joy of living in the present and truly relish every second of it -Let's go enjoy this huh?

And even if you feel there's some tricky emo/wounding going on for you, which you fear may be holding you back here? This Moon is also trine the healer Chiron; we heal ourselves with unconditional, nurturing self-acceptance, And extending some gentle loving and unconditional self acceptance to our loved ones as well -and accepting their unconditional love in return! This is such a beautiful thing.

So lets go embrace the thrills and spills, and glorious self assurance of this Leo/Mars energy -happy New Moon x

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