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Full Moon in Capricorn, exact 2.06pm July 9th, AEST. Full Moons are always a coming to terms with whatever's driving us emotionally, and in Capricorn it's ambitious, gutsy determination to scale the heights of personal excellence!

Which is no doubt ramped up by Capricorn's ruler, Saturn in sync with bitch Lilith (even stronger by August), where we have such a solid sense of taking personal responsibility for our own achievements -and doing it on our own, uncompromising terms -which is always motivating to bang away at whatever ambitions/goals we value that much harder.

And then Jupiter in Libra (thank goodness) adds a nice, balanced perspective. We push ourselves, but not at the expense of enjoying ourselves and savouring the pleasures of living in the moment. This keeps the hard yakka vibe of this Moon inspired by living the life we love, and not just meaningless grind for the sake of it, yes?

But honestly the real driving force of this Moon is that it's smack bang on top of a libidinous, primal, sexy power-trippy Pluto/Mars opposition.

There is big, tetchy, libidinous, growling lust for life throbbing away in the background right now-we are primed and wired to sudden, flashpoint, hair-trigger reactions/attractions/chasing our desires with limbic ferocity -it's volatile as fuq and this Moon is a massive release point for all of this!

Ooh la la some home truths about what we want, how we're gonna get it, who's on board as a partner in crime and who's not incoming...ready or not. It's raw, confronting and truly sexy; and requires us to be fully courageous, passionate and walk our talk in both our intimate entanglements and our shamanic-level, autonomous self-mastery with proper integrity & guts.

So happy Full Moon -let's do it ferociously, pragmatically and well x

Image 1; by Renato Lopez Baldo/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest

Image 2: Mikhael Barishkanov

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