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Actual footage of me every 28 days:

Apparently -so I've been told- once a month I suddenly morph into full Cersei style psychobitch for a few frightening days.

I usually bat my eyes and feign innocence but right now, with the Full Moon coming up, I must admit I'm feeling it! (ok, some would say I'm like this all the time but you know, fuq them ;))

I blame bitch goddess Lilith placed so strongly in my chart. And the fact that transiting Lilith is currently hassling annoying Saturn right on top of my Sag planets.

So with Lilith/Saturn acting up right now, and the Full Moon coming up-which effects all female energy & those who have to deal with us to some extent; are the other wimmin out there feeling this right now or what?

Especially any other Saggi type chicks trying to keep it together (or not)?

Or is it just fuq it and pass the wine this week, lol?

Images: bitch Cersei, Game of Thrones

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