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Well for a start, Venus in your sex/money sector, all month from July 5th is totally your cup of tea! You get to delight your lover with your sweetest love techniques (& vice versa) for some gorgeous romantic bonding. And if single/on the prowl you get to practice that famous, hypnotic seduction thing you do with even more devastating success than usual, oh yes.

And also cash -you finesse any financial/biz negotiations with irresistible charm. Yes Saturn/Lilith in your income sector confirms your usual cunning, control-freaky biz acumen; and then Venus says you are also (or at least pretend to be) sweetly trusting about financial flow and viola, abundance happens! Win-win money collaborations are all around you, don’t you know?

I mean Saturn/Lilith in your earning sector in sync with the magical Destiny Point in your biz sector says you have big picture, visionary career goals going on and savvy enough to make decent coin from it. So when Mars gets on board with the New Moon in your biz sector of the 23rd – you have plenty of motivation to grab a fierce new professional work ethic and run with it for sure. You, my friend, are on a roll.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 9th is communication issues central. You show up and speak your truth with whoever matters, ready or not. Which can only happen if you’ve confronted your own ideas/expectations/true feelings ahead of time, and super clear regarding what you’re on about –know what I mean? Especially with Mars in your adventure sector and you’d maybe rather run off on some random tangent and (uncharacteristically) avoid dealing with challenging shizz? No no no, it’s time to walk your talk, authentically and keep it so real mid month –you know you’ll feel better for it…

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