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Think about this for a good time:

Saturn in your biz sector provides some awesome career structure and requires the solid, consistent work ethic to match. And Lilith provides the bitching authenticity to make sure you’re slogging toward something that actually matters to you and going to set you professionally free, long term.

Mars in your talent sector is aggressively brazen self-promotion that actually works. And then Mars into your work sector from the 21st is where you follow through and show your fans that yes you do walk your talk, and just as brilliant as you say you are. Of course.

The Destiny Point in your day job sector is spookily on-point regarding your chosen direction; you really are more onto it than you realize. This becomes particularly clear by the New Moon of the 23rd, with Mars honing your clarity to identify and seize the next big opportunity –it’s beyond promising!

Lucky Jupiter in your intimacy/money sector is, amongst other things, potentially lucrative financial/biz negotiations. Especially if you remain savvy about realistic abundance, as opposed to any hare brained impulses, obviously.

…so July is looking pretty fab for the Pisces career/creativity/money smarts right? And well worth putting that extra effort to get where want to be.

Meanwhile Jupiter in your intimacy sector is also brilliant for freeing up any latent passion in your relationship for renewed spark, or if single, taking a risk on exploring some exciting new attraction? Promising, optimistic emotional connection is beckoning either way…

And the Full Moon of the 9th has Mars helpfully revving up your playful flirtation vibe with a sexier edge than usual –this could be fun!

Image: Project Mermaids

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