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The Full Moon of the 9th is in your home sector and on top of change god Pluto, so you’re acutely aware of how to transform any domestic/familial/real estate scenarios in your favour this month.

Any challenging power trips on the home front? You keep it real and emotionally authentic for best results. Any potential upheavals around your domestic base? You embrace new possibilities! Choosing where you want to live/the family and home dynamic you want to create on your own terms-absolutely! And also any shacking up with a lover/seductions staged on home turf this month could be so hot and promising! Oh yes…

And getting the foundations right in your personal life right now is also great as a solid base from which to launch any professional schemes and dreams. Got some brazen ambitions on your mind? Mars in your biz sector is massive, unstoppable, confidence moxy to go chase them up –until July 21st is one of those if not now, when? phases, even strong enough to overcome your native, prevaricating perfectionism. It’s all about Just Do It!

Because by the New Moon of the 23rd, you get to flutter your social butterfly wings for a more fluttering around, shamelessly schmoozing-I mean networking, lol, getting on the scene and generally shining in the world. All the better if you’ve due diligence early July (and especially with Venus in your biz sector/putting you in central, public attention spotlight all August) you really want to have some accomplishments/cool plans to show off/brag about/promote by then, huh?

Meanwhile, love? Well the scathing honesty/raw emotional power of Pluto in your personal sector for the Full Moon of the 9th is quite something! Keeping it real and courageous vulnerability is the new sexy for sure. Power tripping as a seduction technique, on the other hand? Yeah not so much.

Image: Anjelica Huston in Chloé by Karl Lagerfeld _ Photo by David Bailey in Karl Lagerfeld’s flat, Vogue, September 1973.

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