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JULY HOROSCOPES are UP -could this be the month to help set us FREE?

Image: the wonderful Gregory Colbert

July is here, as mid-year turns us toward a new cycle heading toward the second half of this most interesting year.

We have a Mars/Pluto/Lilith stand off, tempting us to indulge in control-freaky, power-trip tactics with one another; which of course we transcend by owning our shizz, cultivating a healthy internal locus of power and the respectful relationship dynamic that naturally flows from that.

And a Full Moon in Cancer on the 9th, to test our mettle re authentic, nurturing emotional habits and keep the self care/nourishing love connections real.

And the fire trine between Saturn in Sag (the kind of personal freedom you earn), Uranus in Aries (unapologetic/maverick individuality) and the Destiny Point (the personal brilliance to claim our true life path) still in play...

It's all about following our passions with full, accountable integrity! And by the Mars powered New Moon in Leo of the 23rd, we've claimed our fabulous groove, and momentum for the month for sure.

Happy July -scopes are up here for more detail for on your sign this month x

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