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Well first of all you’re loving Mars in your sign right now, for a primal blast of raw energy (for whatever turns you on), personal empowerment/ambition and will-to-thrive in the world to carry you through the month.

And then there’s the Mars/Pluto opposition coming into play from July 3rd. This frictional energy seems to pit you against the rest of the world/a certain someone to the extent that power trips/proving a point/asserting your own important agenda/ambitions in the face of challenging opposition is playing out in your life right now.

But it’s also primo time for bonding with others on a powerful level. Any magnetic attractions on your radar, for example, are crazy/ through the roof sexy right now! Ooh la la, July could be hot-blooded Cancerian mating/seduction season for sure!

Romantic or otherwise, you hone in on the people who constructively challenge you/turn you on/excite your ambitions/mirror your own powerful determination; for maximum self-growth and cultivating healthy, empowered relationships/collaborations/partnerships in your life.

Because by the Full Moon of the 9th, the emotional frequency of your most important connections is set at nothing less than wildly, truly authentic, which is right up your alley of course -and you want to be ready to walk your talk on this, even more than usual.

Meanwhile, Jupiter in your self-expression sector is coming into orb with Pluto in your work sector by late July; where confident communication/networking/scheming fab new creative ideas and strategies on your part is the way to transform your day-job prospects for the better. And this is set to become a major, genius theme for August, so best get onto it huh?

Especially with the New Moon of July 23rd firing up your income sector; Mars is on board here so pro-active biz initiatives and a motivated work ethic could be so financially promising. Yes, a lucrative Cancerian mojo coming up…

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