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On the one hand your ruling planet, Mars, lurking in your private, domestic sector until the 21st could have you laying low and not so much out and about in the world? And yes it’s true, control freaking the home base and pulling the ideal family/housemate/décor scenario together is important right now for sure.

But it’s actually about setting the right foundation from which to launch your professional/public life this month as much as anything else. Because the Full Moon of the 9th is a big, Pluto/Mars powered chance to transform your career plans with a more empowered attitude.

You get any power trips out of the way/finesse your relationship with any authority figures on the scene/claim your own authority at work with a cool, internal locus of power. The better to focus upon what matters: challenging yourself to do better at whatever you’re good at, no excuses, the better to get ahead with true grit on your own terms, and the personal satisfaction that comes with that. Or even some radical re-working of your core talent, to plug into some fresh new direction and explore your full, long term potential in the world?

Yes, and the fire trine of July is so helpful. The Destiny Point in your talent/self promotion sector, innovative Uranus in your sign and Saturn/Lilith focusing your most visionary plans with extra, pragmatic savvy is a fab, expansive synergy to keep you evolving, exploring possibilities and thriving this month…

Meanwhile lucky Jupiter in your love sector is syncing with love goddess Venus in your communication sector from mid month. Relationships (of all kinds) work when you speak up. Whether you’re sweet talking/flirting your way into someone’s affections -you’ve certainly got the gift of charming persuasion! Or negotiating shared values, mutual plans, stimulating intellectual rapport with someone important for a happy meeting of minds, especially mid-month.

And most especially by the New Moon in your romance sector of the 23rd, with sexy Mars on board, you have a fabulous, confident handle on any future oriented love momentum in your life.

Image: Aries firebrand Anita Pallenburg

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