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Cancer New Moon, coming up 12.30pm June 24th, AEST.

New Moons are always a fresh perspective, and in Cancer it's very much on an emotional, intuitive, creative level that we're renewing our approach.

The Cancerian attitude is all about emotional well-being. We nurture ourselves and each other with some real emotional support/hugs/bonding with our family or tribe/good, honest, nourishing soul food (preferably shared over a convivial dinner table /exploring a rewarding creative process in whatever arty thing we do...

And with Mercury on top of this Moon it's intelligence that turns us on right now-and with Chiron the healer on board it's specifically emotional/intuitive intelligence we're dealing with.

So it's not so much rational/intellectual smarts as being spectacularly tuned into our gut instincts that lends us that subtle, yet fiercely savvy/on point insight into where we're going this month. We are constructively challenged to tune into a beautifully effective healing process/personal growth trip with this Moon.

We embrace a healthy relationship with self and our loved ones. We make love and art with imaginative, kooky flair. We follow our bliss to crazy new possibilities -because it feels good!

Oh yes and with all this gushy, loved up bonding; we also remember that Cancer is a cardinal sign and so we take no shizz! A bit of firm boundary setting/holding our own with anyone who might be messing with us? Sure thing!

Happy New Moon x

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