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If you feel a suddenly renewed sense of confident, expansive life possibilities this month? Yep, that would be lucky Jupiter direct in your sign from June 9th-mid October; you’ve got to love 4 months of accelerated, positive progress coming up- if you’re ready to embrace it!

So the Destiny Point coming out of your secretive soul sector –where you’ve been scheming certain future plans beautifully but actual, worldly progress may have felt somewhat elusive- into your busy social sector is totally helpful. You’re back on the scene flexing some networking muscle/bonding with your peeps/partying up/getting amongst it again and for a social creature like yourself, who thrives on company & collaboration (ok especially if your own, slightly bossy terms, lol), this feels so good.

Especially as this flows into the grand fire trine of June as follows:

Saturn in your ideas sector is some pragmatic thinking on your part – you’re nailing down some crafty schemes into workable realities. And importantly you’re ready to go share, communicate and workshop these plans with savvy negotiation skills for optimum collaborative potential. The Full Moon of the 10th is great for following some keen instincts about your bigger visions and how/with whom to make them happen.

And Uranus in your partnership sector wants to shake up your key connections, for a more liberating, honest and constructive way of relating to your closest tribe to turn you on. And yes, with Venus in your sex/intimacy sector from the 7th this includes a more passionate romantic chemistry coming your way this month-via deepening an existing love or enjoying some sparky new interest, if that’s what’s on your mind right now?

Meanwhile Mars into your biz sector from June 5th- July 21st is a window of fab vocational motivation that you might want to grab. You tune into some fierce ambition, brazen professional self-promotion and the elbow grease to follow through; yes you’re ready to get ahead for sure. Look to the New Moon of the 24th for some lovely inspiration re the next big vocational opportunity…

Image: Angelica Huston by Richard Bailey

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