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Are you feeling that raw, primal urgency to re-connect with your most basic life force–that drive to accomplish great things/spiritually individuate on your own terms no matter what/embrace your most brazen, visionary aspirations that have been pulsing within you since birth?

Yep you’re not imagining this, it’s the Destiny Point (North Node) into your sign from May 10th-Nov 2018; a window that comes around every 9 years to renew your hopes and dreams that’s turning on your lust for life right now. This is a brilliant, raw flow of instinctive inspiration that’s so worth grabbing and believing in right now, to set up maximum personal momentum for the next 18 months onward.

I mean never mind Mars hiding out in your soul-sector until late July –which would normally have you feeling frustratingly introverted & ineffective. No, this time round you use it to withdraw, tune into your shamanic power and scheme & dream the coming phase with fierce, determined magical intent. June is about gathering your strength & finessing strategies, for the onslaught of Leo brilliance upon the world that you just know is coming up soon!

So when the Full Moon of the 10th reveals whatever incandescent talent has been lurking recently and ready to be cultivated in your life? You know what you have to do –Saturn says uncompromising creative discipline & elbow grease is the only way forward right now if you want to get ahead –you know this to be true!

You’re busting to power forward with shameless self-promotion and its true-you have so much to offer, you want the world to know about it and yes this will happen with time. But again it’s about ensuring that the integrity of your product/skills/latest project is solid first and foremost. Finesse this for now, for optimum results when Mars hits your sign from July 21st and you can fully unleash your potential upon the world for sure!

Meanwhile Venus in your public sector from the 10th has you not only talented & biz savvy but also super attractive. You strut around looking hot for plenty of wolf whistles and romantic attention for sure! But actual sexual intimacy? It must be deep/soulmatey/meaningful-committed even, if it’s going to rock your boat.

Image; Aussie Designer Laine Fraser

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