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So Venus in your sign recently has been a sexy little reminder of just how spunky, talented and confident you can be when you put your mind to it… and now Venus moves into your income sector for May to see how exactly you’re going to monetise this spunk/manifest optimum income based on the values that really matter to you.

Especially with the Destiny Point moving into your work/lifestyle sector from the 10th, for 18 months ahead to cultivate the day-job scenario, work/lifestyle balance that genuinely serves you. You want a sense of purpose that’s going to provide the momentum with which to build a genuine, solid vocational future. Yes, and Saturn in your biz sector lends you the solid work ethic with which to sink your teeth into any challenges and make it happen no matter what!

Because with healer Chiron in your sign square Saturn and the Destiny Point in your health sector, you know that the best way to get ahead is to get your own, personal shizz together first. Good clean habits and emotional self-care = a healthy mind & body and the positive attitude to get out there and nail the success machine attitude you’re looking for –true story! By the New Moon of the 26th, opposite uncompromising Lilith in your biz sector you will have an even better handle on this.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 11th reminds you that you are a dreamer after all, and one of your superpowers is to have a big, magical life vision to aspire to –but you have to do the work to get there! Mid-month is great for some motivational inspiration to keep the faith and persevere…

And love? Venus is helpfully awakening lucky Jupiter in your sex/intimacy sector around the 19th. This is great for taking a risk on a more trusting, expansive connection with your lover. Sometimes giving one another a bit of space/emotional oxygen to breathe is a nice way to re-boot the passion/go find your individual interests the better to come back and share them together? And certainly make the effort to share your wildest dreams –perhaps planning a cool trip, or backing one another on some cool, brazen new enterprise could nurture your love?

Or if you’re on the prowl, some cool, adventurous new attraction could be about to rock your world. Or if happily single, you’re loving the freedom of movement this allows.

Image: via Vogue Germany (unable to find photographer for this image)

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