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Destiny calling! May is awesome for awakening your growling, prowling, unapologetic power as you follow the beat of your drum with thrillingly clear intent as follows:

The North Node –which I call the Destiny Point as it points to nothing less than our karmic imperative to follow/fully embrace the life purpose we came here to fulfil –is in Leo from May 10th-November 2018.

This is a once every 9 years opportunity to reconnect with your innate potential on a totally profound level! You remember those hopes & dreams/searing ambition/innate lust to better yourself/evolve/fully individuate that have been sparking within you from birth. You know that pure driving force that we lose touch with along the way as life’s trials and tribulations test us- but continues to call us back to the siren song of our true nature/future from somewhere deep within even in our darkest hour? Yes you’re ready for another big chance at reclaiming it right now!

Yeah baby you’re ready to rawr for sure…

But how exactly?

Mars in your social sector all month is a nice blast of renewed confidence re your place within your chosen scene/community/turning up to the next party looking so hot. And cool, like-minded peeps to inspire and support your best new ventures. The New Moon of the 26th is a nice insight into exactly who’s got your back here –ps it starts with you backing yourself unconditionally, of course.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 11th reminds you that a home for your heart/bonding authentically with your tribe/family is an important foundation for all this. Your personal life and closest relationships matter –and you treat them with the solid respect they deserve.

And romantic love? Venus in your travel/academia sector says you best enjoy your current lover/meet a new one if on the prowl via travel/hanging out somewhere different for a change or academia/long philosophical chats into the night with someone just as inspiring as yourself?

Image: via Le Blog du Kitsch, Mathilde Aubier et Christine Delaquaize

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