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The Full Moon of the 11th is about clearer instincts re your broader aspirations, and where to find your niche in the world in which to pursue them/the right tribe to support you as you go. And luckily, mid month also hooks into a cool synergy between lucky Jupiter in your biz sector, ambitious Mars in your day-job sector and Pluto in Capricorn digging deep to unleash your most potent, effective power in the world –there’s some nice, get-ahead motivation for you right there!

Ok so Jupiter is retrograde so you may want to hold off on forcing any (potentially) hare-brained schemes just yet –it’s more entertaining bigger possibilities and finessing the details this month; the better to launch a more coherent version of the grand vocational/life plan when Jupiter gets moving from June 9th…

Because Venus in your homes sector all month is actually calling your attention to more personal, domestic matters right now. It’s primo time to bond with your tribe –whether it’s blood family or the closest crew of friends who make up your current, familial support. And particularly cultivating a harmonious vibe at home with any family/co-habs/lover you live with; it’s important to feel loved up when you walk in the door right now!

And also brilliant for an interior design/reno/feng shui overhaul of your lair. You survey your space with a new eye, and realize your aesthetic sensibilities are impeccable right now so why not paint some walls/re-upholster that grotty sofa/splurge on those gorgeous homewares you’ve been eyeing off, etc?

A beautiful sanctuary matters this month, for your personal equilibrium, and could as simple as an inspired new colour scheme/scattering a few cushions around or as significant as workshopping your domestic relationships for a whole new level of getting along. And yes this includes romance –you could be shacking up with your lover here, or renewing your chemistry with an existing, live-in partner. Or if on the prowl you schedule your next date at home, for maximum cosy seduction.

Then the New Moon of the 26th is when that career venture you’ve been brewing finally makes more sense, and ready to action for a fab, biz-oriented June.

Image: Sasha Pivovarova photographed by Paolo Roversi - Vogue Italia Supplement: March 2005

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