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So if Venus flitting between your ideas sector & income sector recently has had you madly workshopping the financial viability (or not) of some of your pet schemes? Venus charging forward this month is bound to be a more coherent strategy, and certainly brilliant for any shmoozy communication/negotiations/meetings/social media promotion/networking to finesse whatever you’re trying to pull off right now.

Yes you have the gift of the gab this month so why not use it?

Especially with Mars in your talent sector; your powerful self-assurance about what you’re truly good at lends itself to your best unapologetic, shameless self-promotion, creative confidence and brilliant self-expression in the world –for a good time and the better to nail any goals on your to-do list right now.

And to this end the Full Moon of the 11th unleashes your best, ambitious vocational instincts. You feel the best opportunities in front of you intuitively, rather than overanalysing things, which is nice relief for that busy mind of yours. Trust your gut on the big life decisions right now –yes you can!

And then the New Moon of the 26th is fun! You’re doing something you love –because you choose to- and enjoying the buzz that comes with following your groove on your own terms. Well done you.

Meanwhile the Destiny Point into your love sector- from May 10th –Nov 2018- is a whole new, clear perspective on the Aqua love life. This is prime time to cultivate a more thrilling, next-level connection with your existing partner, to take you into the next chapter of togetherness with endless long term potential.

Or if solo call in some game-changing soulmate, who may or may not last forever (but they certainly could), for whatever thrills & spills and romantic growth you’re seeking right now? Or clear the way for a simpler romantic paradigm, the better to do your unencumbered own thing on your own terms for a while?

Either way your love life is resonant with long-term promise right now-especially with flirty Venus in your comms sector to rev things up; so keep an open mind to possibilities, huh?

Image:Javier Martin / Blindness Light

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