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Venus in your friends sector has had you buzzing out & about in social butterfly mode, which you love –and more to come in May so good times ahead. But for April, Venus focuses on biz and so do you.

April 4th-15th is Venus retrograde in your career sector, ideal for re-working strategies and finessing any vocational dialogues with plenty of room for ongoing negotiations. Then Venus forward from the 15th onwards is great for getting a move on with a bit more confident momentum. New opportunities that turn you on professionally? Yes, the second half of the month is a great time to grab them!

Because the Full Moon of the 11th in your talent sector is so inspiring. Uranus lends you the freedom to not give a fuq what anyone thinks, the better to cultivate your creativity on your own brilliant terms, and Jupiter lends you the awesome self-confidence to get your best shameless self promotion on –re whatever it is you realize you’re good at.

Your patron planet, Mercury, retrograde from the 11th is actually helpful here; for tuning into a deeper, more integral self-awareness about what really drives you –even if this involves some tricky self evaluation, the better to shine in the world more authentically!

And as for lucky Jupiter in your romance sector egging on sexy Pluto in your sex/emotional intimacy sector all month? Well that’s gotta be hot! Also Lilith in your partnership sector is all about a braver authenticity in all connections; so whether it’s love or platonic relations on your mind right now, it’s a raw, uncompromising version of relating that turns you on rather than any tricky, complex ambiguity (for a change). This could totally work…

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