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Of course I was going to say Mars gets down and dirty in Taurus, but it's not that kind of post... (well you never know with me, lol, let's see how we go).

Mars has been in impatient Aries since Jan 29th, and joined by Venus for most of that time. So we've had a double whammy of brisk, sparky, let's get the fuq on with it chutzpah pushing us forward for a while. Some of us have made great progress here, and all fired up to continue onwards, and some of us have been driving too hard against certain obstacles and feeling quite thwarted for it, frankly.

So now we have Venus retrograde in Aries for the next month -so we're gonna have to step back and learn the meaning of patience for a bit either way -it's character building! So it's actually fab that Mars is supporting this process by drawing on a solid, persevering Taurus energy from March 10th-April 21st as follows:

Mars is the kind of lust-for-life, libidinous energy that drives our desire/achievement moxy, and also how we're gonna make it happen. In Taurus we feel our desires in a simple, honest, direct way. We don't have to second guess or analyse future outcomes; we just know what we want because we feel it in our bones right now and that's enough. The power of living in the present moment -gently, authentically, sans forcing things- is potent here.

And once we really get what we want to make happen in our lives based on this simple, kinaesthetic wisdom; we pursue it with a consistent, slow-burning, steadfast determination for as long as it takes...

If we have to work a bit harder, or take a bit longer to get there we embrace this reality with gracious acceptance; a little bit of extra blood sweat and tears/commitment to the process goes a long way here, because we're only focusing upon goals that really matter -long term- and we know it!

ps a small word of caution-with all this unyielding determination- is a teensy tendency to lock down into obstinate, obnoxious stubbornness, which kind of defeats the purpose -let's watch that.

Mars rules ambition/achievement. Again, the next month is the season for banging away with steady hard-yakka, with a longer term vision of where we're heading. And we're not scared to think in seriously lucrative terms here; I mean if we're gonna stick with it we want to know we're building some kind of long term, serious prosperity/sustainable income (Taurus loves this). Yes, this is a realistic goal right now and don't forget it. Taurus is highly pragmatic and beautifully, calmly abundant about coin in all biz/career dealings and so are we right now.

And Mars rules physical vitality and exercise. In Taurus we stick to long term health goals -not least of which is nourishing ourselves with a genuinely nurturing live food/organic/close to the earth diet. We truly are what we eat, and with Taurus this is more obvious than ever. Really listen to the wisdom of your body-rather than overthinking any current diet fads- for genius insights here. Of course there's a fine line between healthy cravings for soul food and naughty cravings for comfort food trash -there's no denying Taurus can be a greedy guts and outrageously indulgent so we watch this, yes?

And as for fitness, Taurus favours a workout regime that with steady, sustainable progress. Yoga, with it's integration of body and mind wisdom is always brilliant here. And if you're into running it's steady, long distance work rather than adrenal sprinting. And weight lifting work at the gym is great- again in steady, slow increments of progress rather than pushing your strength too forcefully. Take the time to get to know your body and what it really is capable of right now -rather than what you want it to be capable of, for best results. Slow and steady really does win the race here.

And of course Mars rules sex. And In Taurus we do it... well!

I mean I know Scorpio has the reputation as the lover of the zodiac -and for good reason, their smouldering intensity is maddeningly intoxicating. But as for good old fashioned pleasure, comfortability in our skin, easy intimacy in the bedroom, relaxing enough to really connect with our lover more naturally and (ahem) uninhibited and skillfully -Taurus energy really is the bomb!

So if we do happen to be loved up this month (I know this could be tricky with Venus retrograde) -we could be having real good time of it! Relax and enjoy this -sometimes the simple fact of physical communion/affection/body language makes way more sense than tricky, forced romantic dialogue -know what I mean?

So let's go forth with lovely, grounded integrity in all things, and take the time to really get it right for the next 5 weeks... Happy Mars in Taurus x

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