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So how about Venus loving up your sex/intimacy/money sector until June! Yes so much fun, and also a chance to process, evolve and finesse any deeper dynamics going on in your emotional connections for the next few months.

Because for March, Venus is frustratingly retrograde so you’re all about taking the time to comb through old romantic dialogues –the better to resolve them more thoroughly and composing the right attitude to any new/future oriented romantic momentum that you just know will be coming at you from mid April onwards.

Your intuition here is correct. You are getting ready for big developments on the personal front and in the meantime you do just that; prepare to become as emotionally congruent as possible, the better to deal with the next phase of any existing entanglement in your life –or meet some new contender- with rocking authenticity! Living up to your reputation as the most attentive, finely nuanced and (ahem) technically skilled lover of the zodiac over the next few months? Yes you can.

Because the Full Moon of the 13th is in your partnership sector –where your sensitive, mindful approach (as above) really comes into play re healing, evolving and making any love stories in your life right. The synergy between embracing your best soul path/solo personal development/embracing any soul-connection (soul mate?) relationships has rarely been so on point; you strike the right balance here for best results.

Meanwhile Mars into your adventure sector from the 10th has you madly restless for new adventures. If you’re busy planning your next trip/holiday/academic or educational bender-the better to open your mind to new possibilities… yep this is where you really get your moxy on for the second half of March. Expansive and fully open minded about life’s possibilities is your best look here –time to go live large why don’t you!

Image: Nadja Auermann by Richard Avedon for Pirelli Calendar 1995

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