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Ok so think about this for a good time; your patron planet, love goddess Venus is spending the better part of the next 3 1/2 months in your love/partnership sector!

Yes, a better class of lover/brilliantly nonstop flirtation/socializing opportunities (admit it, you live for this)/way more romantic attention from your main squeeze/a beautifully thriving relationship/sparkling dialogue with everyone/more lucrative negotiations re biz partnership are all ON between now and mid June. Good times ahead for sure...

Yes, but for the moment we need to consider that Venus is retrograde for the next 6 weeks. This is about preparation: where you revise old romantic paradigms/ slay any unhealthy attachment to some redundant ex or healthfully (carefully) plot a potential reconciliation to the extent some unfinished love biz still vibes realistic/problem solve and finesse any issues with your partner, the better to love each other more blissfully in the long term/ look within for a better connection with self first, the better to go hook up later –you get the picture.

March and early April is finessing your approach to love/any major entanglements in your life, for a more intelligent/empowered/simpatico approach to the brilliant love developments of mid April- mid June. So worth the effort.

Because Mars into your sex/intimacy/money sector from the 10th is nothing if not motivational to go chase up the right kind of action here. You are the ardent hunter–or could it be someone hot is chasing you (?)- and either way you’re about to get real clear on any power dynamics playing out in your psycho-sexual realm.

Or if it aint sex, its probably money/family/biz negotiations you want to get right–and yes you can if you plot an intelligent, internal locus of power through any dialogues coming up this month. Your famous cool composure PLUS taking no shizz is a fab combination here…

Because the Jupiter/Uranus action means a huge priority of yours right now is to live free, liberated from any naff expectations and rocking your own, brilliant, creative moxy no matter what – you love this! So go grab March by the throat and enjoy…

Image: Richard Avedon

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