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Look I know you’re usually not exactly renowned for laying on unnecessary charm. I mean you’re incredibly friendly and treat everyone with a genuine respect and have just as much magnificent, charismatic front as Leo so you’re adorable company (until someone gets too touch-feely-needy if you’re not in the mood, lol)

But still, as far as the subtleties of shmoozy, deliberately beguiling wiles you tend to be more idiot savant than suave hustler…

Now I’m only pointing this out because Venus in your ideas/communication sector for the next 3 1/2 months may require a deliberate charm offensive on your part, for maximum effectiveness. It’s the season where sparkling conversation/ a bit of flattery here and there/flirty banter opens doors more than usual.

Not to mention making real, delightful connections happen by opening up more and showing a bit of loving intent and affection to your loved ones? I mean you could even find yourself midway through some fascinating, intellectually stimulating repartee with someone fab, suddenly make eye contact and bam! Unexpected attraction. Or something like that.

Of course Uranus and Jupiter on board here say it’s just being your natural, gloriously unique and (ok) slightly kooky self that is most liberating; so Venus is not about smothering this with artifice, so much as just showing up and revealing what you have to offer by expressing yourself more smoothly. Know what I mean?

But also note that Venus retrograde for March could have her share of misunderstandings and odd timing for various negotiations/interactions. So remain savvy/politic for the moment, but you are building a nice momentum in your dialogues (especially around the New Moon of the 28th) that will find an even better flow by mid April…

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 13th is in your sex/intimacy/shared resources sector; so whether its romantic love, emotional understanding or biz success you’re after, mid month could be so revealing about how to score some rewarding progress! Again, open up and feel your way intuitively for best results.

Image: "Lip Streaks (Donna Mitchell)," by Melvin Sokolsky

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