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Full Moon in Cancer 10.35pm tonight, AEDT. With Luna Full in her home turf of Cancer, our natural intuition/empathy/instinctual wisdom/emotional intelligence and emotional congruence/creative flow and (let's face it), potential to sulk/mood swing/tantrum up a storm is all peaking today!

We're feeling everything more acutely than ever; so anything that's building up recently in our emotional lives that we may have been attempting to suppress or block -it's gonna come busting out for sure right now, if we're not careful. This is great for centring ourselves in our emotional bodies for the self-awareness that is in it, aligning ourselves with our real, gutsy emotional truth the better to walk our talk for the rest of the month and connecting with our loved ones with maximum, raw authenticity. Not so great for brittle emo denial-it just doesn't seem to work right now, even if you think you're pulling it off- but also not so much for indulging sooky moods & attention seeking crap; nobody's buying it & they can probably see right through it anyway!

So by all means be real today and allow yourself to fully experience, in every cell of your body, whatever it is you are feeling right now; the feelings coming up just want to be felt-nothing less and nothing more- so laughing/weeping/loving/flowing with it is the way; and no need to analyse, repress, 'fix' or force the issue either way, its perfectly fine to just BE.

But I must admit there are certain extenuating factors here, making this particularly intense:

1. Bitch Lilith is on board here; so OMG do we want to bitch it up or what!?! Wouldn't you just love to send a snarky txt, power guilt, sharply erudite retort, show off some revenge success to whoever's been fuqing with yr moxy lately? Yes you would (admit it, lol), but you don't because that would be beneath you/you'll get sprung being a bitch/it won't work/and someone's got to keep up the standards around here...

2. Pluto is digging up every damn shred of hidden emo/deep seated issue/thwarted instinct/repressed passion we've been madly trying to hide in the depths of our psychic basement or wherever; and making us deal with it! Damn, so unfair but there's no point avoiding it now... it's like a decade of therapy squished into a week of revealing Full Moon catharsis -it's a powerful release, and we'll feel better afterwards, honest.

Our power lies in keeping it real, and holding the space to feel it all, in glorious vulnerability, the better to flex our fiercest emo muscles; owning and claiming our most fulfilling, authentic life and relationships like a boss as time goes on. Stay courageous and grounded about who you are and what you want out of life this week, you deserve it!

3. Because we also have the Jupiter/Uranus lust for life; where we really can't be fuqed with tedious sentimental/needy crap anyway and we just want to score maximum personal space to have some fun/get on with it/trip the light fantastic of future possibilities and frankly bored to tears by soggy, dreary old dramas anyway! This is helpful, actually; if in doubt/tempted to dwell on shizz/being hassled by some manipulative bore -just keep moving baby!

Happy Full Moon, let's embrace it however it comes x

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