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The Libra work ethic is a strange thing to pin down. Some say you love to float around on a cloud of luvvy-duvvy arty, aesthetic sensibilities and spectacularly immune to the banality of dreary, practical obligations. You are devoted to the creative flow/dolce vita living and making art -the daily grind just aint your thing (ok I understand). But we all know you are also the original bossy boots, iron fist in the velvet glove and your wilful determination to achieve, once you’ve set your mind to it, is legendary.

So with action planet Mars hitting nebulous Neptune in your work/day job sector in early Jan, it could go either way. You could

(1) lose yourself in hare-brained, so-called ‘creative’ schemes that are going nowhere fast due to a telling lack of elbow grease/day-drinking/talking shiz in some bar as a form of creative motivation (lol)/reclining on your beautifully upholstered lounge waiting indolently for inspiration to strike?

OR (2) you engage some gritty creative discipline by working through any creative mistakes relentlessly until you get it right /tune into some genuine inspiration via meditation, yoga etc/take a wild risk on some amazing arty venture you’ve been feeling in your bones for so long and now is time to nail it. I know there’s a fine line –there always is with Neptune- but truly, honest perseverance and reality checking your plans (thank you Saturn your ideas sector) really does pay off right now.

Meanwhile, you’re loving lucky Jupiter in your sign, lending you the moxy to live on your own terms no matter what –yes. And Uranus in your love sector right now may well be revealing exactly the kind of lover who really gets this, is just as much of a libertarian free spirit as you, and a crazy thrilling love affair –without unnecessary bourgeois expectation- ensues. This goes whether it’s an established partnership re-awakening or some random new cutie; romance right now (and for the rest of 2017, btw) is meant to be fun!

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