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Ok so transformative Pluto in your day-job sector could be a bit of a game-changer this month. You’ve been brooding for a while on the meaning of self-empowered employment –what with the Destiny Point in your income sector giving you tons of clues, in the last 9 months, about exactly what kind of gig will really serve the long-term financial self-sufficiency you so crave.

Wage slaving is so not your game anymore (if it ever was); and you’re more ready than ever to step up and walk your talk on earning your coin from your own, unique creative/entrepreneurial genius…

Not that you’ve ever underestimated your own moxy or anything; but when the Destiny Point hits Leo from May you upgrade your self-belief from general bravado to a much more specific, switched-on, savvy appreciation of your best life path/vocational calling -this becomes a defining motif of the rest of your 2017 for sure…

The Full Moon of the 12th is a pretty great time to tune into any instincts rising up about how exactly to pull the perfect ‘day-job’ off; hint – Saturn says its ALL about sustained creative discipline and Uranus/Jupiter say if you’ve been thinking about some kind of academic bender/professional training/up-skilling could be time?

Meanwhile love is kind of weird: with sexy Mars mixing it up with yearning, soul-mating Neptune in your intimacy sector form early Jan. You want to fall (more?) in love but you want to watch your boundaries but your passionate soul doesn’t know how! To trust or not to trust whatever hot-blooded yet so confusing attraction is currently scrambling your so-called mind? Who knows, but it could be kinda sexy trying to figure it out.

Image: Nadja Auermann for the Pirelli calendar

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