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Mars the Warrior god has been weirding out in Aqua recently, and now he swims into the relatively calm waters of Pisces (7.22pm tonight AEDT-Jan 28th) ...or are they?

Mars is all about the pursuit of our desires in full, macho assertive mode as an expression of the individual ego, and as such he can have a tricky time in the undifferentiated, oceanic realms of Pisces. Mars is brazen and explicit about his needs. Pisces is subtle and elusive. Mars kind of rails against this dissipation of his fierce moxy. We're gonna have to work this strange combo for the next 5 weeks as best we can.

The male principle is about to get enchanting, slippery, shifty, strangely seductive and inexplicable as fuq

Image: Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean

And also a romantic, refined, noble, compassionate, sensitive dreamboat

Image; Heath Ledger, a Knight's Tale

So Mars rules ambition, success and winning, at whatever game is going on. We perfect a much more nuanced, intuitive approach here; it's not the season for forcing things with brute strength or whatever, it's about insinuating ourselves toward our goal whilst no-one notices, the better to tune into a more inspired, elevated version of our desired outcome by the time the rest of the world cottons on that we've even claimed it. Savvy?

Or for a more kinaesthetic description; imagine the sensation of swimming toward our destination through the ocean -it still requires Mars strength and fortitude, but we also have to feel the rhythm of the tides, watch the undertow and adapt to the shifting mood of the water -as opposed to, say, a sprint over dry land which requires only sweaty, grunting ferocity. Know what I mean? We're learning to keep our momentum up whilst ALSO dealing with the many forces around us we cannot control; it's kind of shamanic and a highly instinctual version of getting ahead...

And Mars rules sex and desire. We do it in the ocean/under a waterfall/drinking champagne in the spa bath (lol). We do it after a gloriously romantic, drawn out seduction complete with poetry, mutual fascination and soul-mating yearnings? We don't do it, but tease our lover with enigmatic, mysterious come-ons instead, for a kicks? In Pisces, the libidinous urges can't be separated from our true emotional flow/high romance-or at least a damn good, intoxicating fantasy to turn us on!

And Mars rules fitness. Water sports? Surfing, laps at the pool, ocean swimming/kayaking are good. And any bodywork that also incorporates a more spiritual/transcendent/energetic body dimension: any kind of yoga or martial arts arts are brilliant here...

So lets get our groove on with the cool, cruisy, cozmic, rapturous alignment with universal flow-and that includes genuine kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others- that is Mars in Pisces!

Rock on x

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