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I would love to say you maintain your usual calm, steady demeanour throughout December but really? If you were hoping to do comfortable complacency right now, we need to talk…

Uranus in your soul sector is a restless as fuq inner seeking that keeps prodding you and whispering a siren song of new possibilities… what’s next, what’s next, there must be a new, more innovative and exciting way of doing things…

And Jupiter in your day-job sector couldn’t agree more! You want a meaningful day-job/gig and the freedom to pursue it on your own terms/flexible hours/preferably not some micro-manager looking over your shoulder every minute. And Pluto in your vision sector says lets subvert the dominant paradigm and transform your life-plan into something even more authentic –with bigger, broader potential all round.

So you’re so not settling for the compromise of security/familiar paths right now, god no; only gung-ho, inspirational, excitingly dangerous options are turning you on this month …so might as well give it a red hot go huh?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 14th is about some of your favourite things-sex and money –but could be tricky!

The Moon in your income sector says you’re pretty switched on and instinctual about to make a buck, but Saturn says you have certain biz/financial/legal entanglements to consider and you have to be real savvy about any negotiations in this dept. Which, ok is a bit of a forte of yours so I’m sure you’ll figure it out advantageously if you focus.

Then there’s Saturn in your intimacy sector. You’re all fired up for sexual conquest/deliciously cozying up with your lover mid month but wait-there’s an ‘us’ talk coming first! Questions of commitment/emotional intent/relational longevity loom large right now, and you need to sort out your best integrity here before you get to the ‘fun’ part. This is good! If you’re chasing someone you actually do care about, for real?


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