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Don’t freak out but Lilith in your sign is arcing up your native incandescent, uncompromising, bitching spunk even more than usual this month –can the world handle this or what??

I mean you’re not one to shy away from personal authenticity at the best of times; you would always choose iconoclastic and provocative self expression over beige, people pleasing conformity –you’re famous for this, clearly.

But it can be tricky sometimes, to handle the expectations/judgements incoming when you ply your particular charisma in the world (I mean how many people, when they ask your sign immediately lower their gaze to your crotchal area or start madly searching for the nearest fire escape when they learn you are a Scorpio, right?). So the wounded healer Chiron might have you feeling moments of sooky self-doubt, by digging up any secret self-doubts/insecurities lurking in your self-expression sector and you know why? Because you’re ready to slay them!

Not only do you have Bitch Lilith keeping you fiercely on track with your most authentic groove and owning it, but also happy Jupiter in your soul sector where the simple joy of tuning into the spiritual imperatives driving you right now and honouring them puts a natural, radiant smile on your face. So to the extent you’re more attuned than ever with your true soul path is where you really harness that Lilith moxy and say ‘here I am in all my brilliant, unique flawed glory –take it or leave it motherfuqas’ …or you know, something like that…

And Uranus in your day-job sector takes this moxy and parlays it into a way more futuristic, inventive approach; you don’t just work smart, not hard, you work genius in order to hustle out of any boring professional shizz threatening to stifle your groove right now.

And the Full Moon of the 14th in your sex sector is a revelation about who feels what for you and what they’re gonna do about it. Yes you might be taking it all a bit seriously, but meanwhile someone fun could be tapping at your defences saying hey...let’s have some fun! Maybe give it a go?

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