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The New Moon of Oct 31st awakened a magical new perspective on Taurus romance, and you’re all geared up to love as authentically/courageously as possible in November – don’t go losing this moxy anytime soon huh, it’s going to serve you so well as the month unfolds…

Love goddess Venus is in your sex/intimacy sector from the 12th; which yes is fabulous for notching up major validation re your legendary seductive prowess/irresistible charm/spectacular bedwork and all, for a good time…

But also when Venus meets Pluto around the 25th you have a really timely, valuable reality check about the quality of commitment, longevity and what actually matters in your current entanglements. It’s about to get real, baby, and this is a wonderful thing! Emotional integrity is the everything and specific outcomes unfold accordingly… it’s all about walking your talk in the meantime.

The Taurus Full Moon of the 15th is a great time to stand in your power and score the right balance between respecting the imperatives of certain relationships (whether romantic/biz/platonic/familial) and solid personal autonomy. It’s quite an achievement if you can get this right- well done you!

Meanwhile Jupiter/Pluto are all about some major wanderlust/travel plans/busting to transform your life path potentially shaking your equilibrium right now? Which could mean you slack off on the work ethic whilst entertaining some hare-brained scheme; but better kick your positive ambition to next level confidence and stick with the programme to actually get ahead/score the lifestyle freedom you so crave…

Mars into your biz sector from the 9th keeps your work ethic fierce for whatever professional goals really matter, thank goodness –own it!

Image; Gregory Regini

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