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Venus, your lovely ruling planet is lighting up your partnership sector until the 18th, and then your sex/intimacy sector until mid November; so good times coming in the romance dept. for sure!

You’re looking at a better quality of love interest for sure. If on the hunt, you’re so much more likely to meet someone gorgeous/flirt it up successfully/out and about on the scene with your spunky moxy right on for a good time. And if already hooked up same thing; your favourite squeeze is so much more likely to be lavishing you with lovely, sweety-pie attention for some lovely, quality time together.

And either way, with the Destiny Point in your romance sector/uncompromising Lilith on board, it’s all fully promising for potential long term, authentic good loving…. Nice.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 1st is a cool, positive new attitude to the day-job. Lucky Jupiter on board says yes you can step up to a more exciting/meaningful version of whatever you do for coin –and, importantly, with expansive future potential to nail any long term professional goals.

Helpfully, the Mars/Pluto hook up around the 19th is massive moxy to go after your biggest, most visionary aspirations generally; living large on your own terms/hatching some big, transformative travel plans/nailing some academic or educational progress with potentially lucrative outcomes? Fuq yes, you just know you can pull it off!

Listen to the omens, about what really, deep down matters to you, around the Full Moon of the 16th; they will set you up to know exactly what dreams to go chasing in the second half of the month-this is so inspiring!

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