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Your sex/intimacy sector has been activated for a while now, where you’ve been expanding your capacity for personal entanglement beyond the usual paradigm and more open than ever to thriving, open-ended, open hearted relating.

You’ve learned so much about healthy, positive emotional habits this last year, and so ready for a new, high quality romantic chapter in your life... the New Moon of the 1st is a reminder how far you’ve come re this, and a chance to spark up some specific, most promising attraction accordingly. Following your bliss in love? Yes you can.

And then you have expansive, adventurous Jupiter into your actual adventure sector from the 9th… and a year of big wanderlust coming up! You are more likely than ever to seek the following: Some thrilling, mind-expanding overseas trip. An actual international relocation(?). A career changing academic/educational bender. An advantageous writing gig/getting something published in the world. Ditching the daily grind and go follow your groove with a more free-spirited attitude for a healthier, more meaningful and enjoyable lifestyle. Yes, all this and more is possible over the next 12 months…

Meanwhile, the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of the 17th is where you crunch down on any dodgy financial habits, and intuitively tune into your optimum earning/money management potential. Venus in biz sector from the 24th will help-where you remember that yes you are talented, suave and good looking in the world, so why wouldn’t you be professionally successful?

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