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Venus has been doing her flamboyant thing in Leo recently, and now pulls herself into line in cool-cat Virgo, from now until the end of August.

When it comes to romance, love, art and beauty, we are all about elegant personal discipline, discriminating good taste, intelligence and earthy, pragmatic efficiency.

In love, it all begins with respect in Virgo. We respect our own choices in romance, take responsibility for who we've chosen to love (our standards are pretty high!) and take personal responsibility for maintaining the highest possible standard of romantic conduct within our relationships. Because we respect our lover enough to treat them well, and also respect their emotional boundaries enough not to try to force or manipulate them into whatever behaviour we expect/desire from them-we allow them be who they are. Intelligent conversation, stimulating repartee and respecting one another's beautiful minds is also a major turn-on here, and helps us to negotiate a romance that involves truly understanding one another, which is always pretty special.

So if they naturally get on board with good, high quality loving great-all good in romance land. But if they repay our respect with shoddy, grotty or below-par conduct; we recoil and freeze up at warp speed and if it's not on, it's not on, as they say. Love is high quality and romantically healthy or not at all.

Same goes if we're single and on the prowl, it's all about high standards -we only go for the kind of high class attractions we can respect ourselves for pursuing, or we're quite happy on our own thank you very much. Virgo has the art of self-contained, self-reliant, whole-unto-oneself, satisfied autonomy down pat, if needs be.

Of course the shadow of this is control-freaky, micro-management; where we attempt to critique/nag one another into subservience to the great Virgo cult of unobtainable perfection (Virgo can be a fuss-pot), but we don't do that, do we? Seriously, let's not go down that tedious path...

Because Venus is actually enjoying some keen romantic tension with her lover, Mars this week. Which is sexy and all (and great for a bit of weird/opposites attract chemistry), but let's not forget that Mars is in wildling Sagittarius; where he does not deal well with being controlled, confined or tamed in any way. So our romantic challenge right now is to keep up the impeccable standards of romancing one another properly, whilst also giving one another plenty of room to move and remain true to our own, personal imperatives. It's a beautiful thing, if we can manage it.

And Venus rules beauty, and in Virgo we keep it clean and pared back to the essentials:

Good skin is fundamental to Virgo beauty- we want the glowing, radiant complexion that comes from a healthy organic diet, hydration, and investing in high-quality, super-natural skincare products (no petro-chemical crap and definitely not animal tested, obviously).

And the Virgo dress-sense begins by tackling our wardrobe with a ruthless cull, and ditching anything naff/clogging up space-that overflowing bag of 'maybe on day' tat, maybe time to cart it off to the op shop or try to flog it off on ebay? Virgo loves a good de-clutter! So once we've dispensed with the crap-especially anything of poor quality fabric that rubs our lovely, sensitive skin the wrong way; we're only left with good-quality, truly stylish pieces (according to our personal taste), and we wear them with simple, timeless chic. We don't need too many accessories or bling here, it's more about well crafted garments, clean lines and an impeccable fit for our particular body type.

And Venus rules art and creativity. It's all about a disciplined work ethic and mastering our tools/skills/technique this month. It's all very well to be wildly talented (and we've been exploring that in Leo recently), but Virgo says if we don't put the work in to refine our creative practice, and get a bit more perfectionist about the final product, it's only going to take us so far...This is particularly handy for writers, especially the editing part of the any project you're working on right now.

So let's get on with living well, with some lovely, stylish self-composure this month, Happy Venus in Virgo x

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