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So Mars has been energising your creative brilliance and self assured moxy all year; you get that life is to be enjoyed in the moment, you’re playfully fully alive and feeling fine!

So it’s with open arms you welcome Mars back into your work sector from the 3rd- where a new, limbic energy drives your day -job efforts for the next two months. You really, genuinely enjoy what you do-and if not you’re damn well going to push for a better version and highly likely to achieve it; and for this reason you are consciously attuned to best case career scenarios and viola-they increasingly happen. Life’s good like that.

And the fact that Mars into your work sector corresponds with a juicy New Moon in your income sector on the 3rd can hardly be a coincidence. The same confidence that informs your gutsy embracing of a new, fired up work ethic also encourages next-level abundance/earning good coin for what you do. And a sharper eye to savvy fiscal management (as if you need it); you get that money is supposed to serve you, and not the other way round, which is always helpful.

And love? Well you’re certainly not taking any crap, for a start. Bitch goddess Lilith in your romance sector with power trippy Pluto in your partnership sector have any seething discontent straight up addressed this month, which is helpful-whether its intimate love/biz/creative collaborations etc. But more importantly this combo is spectacularly wonderful for enjoying your most limbic, sexy, transformative (all great love transforms us, one way or the other) love stories with full-bore authenticity right now. Enjoy.

Image: Eugenia Loli

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