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Mars dithering around retrograde recently has had you in a head-fuq of overanalyses, questioning every instinct, deconstructing every belief system and way too much trapped, nervous mental energy – a tendency you know all too well at the best of times; it can frankly be exhausting being You sometimes!

So I’m thrilled to tell you that Mars is barging forward, in utterly decisive mode, through your ideas sector all month. And Lilith here as well is a pretty opinionated bitch too; so you’re going to love being back to don’t tell me I’ll tell you, talk-the-leg-off-the-table, intellectual know-it-all mode. But apart from dispensing endless free, unsolicited-helpful-advice-for-everyone-that’s ok you’re welcome (another one of your adorable tendencies), you will thrill to be back charging around purposefully, with a million things on the go that you know are important enough to merit your precious energy (you know this because they’re on the itemised list you’re ticking off, lol) and generally enjoying a renewed sense of genuine personal progress. Bliss.

Because Jupiter and the Destiny Point are still fully amping your big picture dreams, and in so many ways your most primal life-path instincts are acutely bang on; on a gut level you know exactly where you’re going, so with Mars back on track it’s so nice to be tune into that more clearly again.

Meanwhile, the New Moon of the 4th is a fresh perspective on your tribe-you are nicely energised by hanging out with the right, supportive, uplifting peeps this month, and also knowing which social scenarios to entertain-thus saving any wasted energy you might have frittered away by attending any non-you events/making tedious small talk with some bore. And you might even score some invites to some of the better, more happening parties on the scene, especially in the first half of July, which could be nicely inspiring.

And love? You’re either exploring emotional the finer nuance with your current lover, the better to be even more exquisitely in love if you can process your dynamics graciously (of course you can), or entertaining some ex blasting unexpectedly into your orbit (do you really want to go there?), or if you’re searching for fresh romantic prey -best get out and about pronto. The social scene (as above) may well be full of cute flirty potential…

Image: Paolo Roversi

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