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You are a tough customer in terms of personal boundaries at the best of times, yes? I mean in the right scenario you are so deliciously cuddly/tactile (not to mention sexy), loyal and into comfortably intimate space with your significant others-and that’s why you’re in such high demand as a lover/partner/best friend etc. But if anyone dares breach your firm code of conduct/rules of what is and isn’t on in the Taurus universe they’re out on their arse before they know what’s hit them and no going back- you’re kind of stubborn like that.

I only mention this, not to make fun of your famously ornery attitude (ok, a bit, lol), but because Bitch goddess Lilith in your partnership sector is arcing up your uncompromising standards to high levels of ‘respect me or fuq right off’ right now, and you know it. You’re feeling passionate and up for it for sure, but you only want to love for real, in an authentic connection with someone who is your true equal and worth it, and feels the same way about you. It’s all or nothing.

And this is important because Mars dithering around for the last 6 months (!) has been scrambling your normally solid instincts about all this, but now that Mars is roaring forward in your love sector all July-and your sex sector all August, you finally know what you want and you damn well want it now! Good, you’re in demand for sure, and hopefully open to love/hot-blooded ardent and also enlisting your best quality control about who you’re choosing to lavish all this romantic intent upon. Your love life is firing up hugely for the next few months-yay! So keep it clear, life affirming and integral huh?

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 4th sparks up the Jupiter/Destiny Point action in your creative sector for a fresh new, emotionally intelligent attitude toward life in general. The whole concept that our thoughts, if we keep them conscious, focused and positive, literally create our reality makes so much sense to you right now. You are the creatrix of your own life/master of your own destiny so keep your intent high-end and worthy of the future you’re hoping to live, huh? Magical manifestation is happening!

Image: Sui He. By Danielle Duella x Iango Henzi. From i-D, 2012.

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